Levy, Ronald M.

Board of Governors Professor of Chemistry

Levy group Phone: 848-228-1043
E-mail: E-mail
FAX: 732-445-5958
Office: Wright Rieman Labs A205
Mail: BioMaPS Institute for Quantitative Biology, 610 Taylor Road, Piscataway, NJ 08854
Education Links
  • B. A. 1970, Reed College
  • Ph.D. 1976, Harvard University

Research Summary

We use a combination of computer simulations, statistical mechanics and modeling, to study the structure, function, folding, and dynamics of proteins in solution. Current research projects include problems in the statistical mechanics of solutions, protein folding and ligand binding, and protein dynamics on longer time scales. We are interested in the interplay between computational models and experiments at different levels of spatial and temporal resolution from atomic to mesoscopic, and from femtoseconds to seconds. Together with a group of investigators with complementary expertise in molecular biology, statistical physics, control theory, and computer science, we are working to develop computational models for complex biological systems involved in the regulation of gene expression. 

Awards & Honors

  • A. P. Sloan Foundation Fellow (1982-84)
  • National Institutes of Health Research Career Development Award (1982-86)
  • National Institutes of Health Fogarty Fellow (1986)
  • John Simon Guggenheim Foundation Fellow (1995-96)
  • Rutgers University Board of Trustees Award for Excellence in Research (1996)
  • Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Fellowship (1996)
  • AAAS, Fellow (1998)
  • Board of Governors Professor of Chemistry (2002)


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