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2008 News

"Coal to Diesel" Breakthrough Could Cut Oil Imports

Alan Goldman Nov 2013 v3Alan Goldman and postdoctoral Ritu Ahuja, in collaboration with Maurice Brookhart and his team at the University of North Carolina, have reported the development of a catalytic system for alkane metathesis (Science magazine).

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"Coal to Diesel" NJN-PBS TV Clip (Alkane Metathesis)

CATSBLogo4See the TV Clip!

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Interview with JCP Associate Editor, Edward W. Castner Jr.

Youtube Interview with JCP Associate Editor, Edward W. Castner Jr. at the 2008 Spring ACS Meeting in New Orleans, LA.

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Jing Li's white LED featured in the latest issue of C & E News!

jing li CENNews LEDs 061608Professor Jing Li and Graduate Assistant Wooseok Ki are featured in the June 16th 2008 issue of Chemical & Engineering News for their research regarding White LED Formed from a Bulk Material.

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Rutgers-led team pursues innovative healing for war wounded

US Army funds new Institute of Regenerative Medicine with $85M

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