Reid Award

The Reid award comes from a Chemistry fellowship fund established by the late Dr. Thomas Reid, a Rutgers undergraduate alumnus, who went on to obtain a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and a very successful career as an organic chemist at the 3M Corporation, where he developed the material that is the basis of the ScotchgardTM treatment used in many products.

The award requires nomination by the faculty. Nominations will be submitted each fall semester to the Vice Chair of the Graduate Student Program. Student recipients will be recognized during our annual Graduate Student Award Ceremony.

2015 Recipients

  • Haoyuan Chen
  • Weijie Chen
  • Graeme Gardner
  • Chang Min
  • Hao Wang

2014 Recipients

  • Allison Faig
  • Zhichao Hu
  • Xiaoxi Huang
  • Paul Janowski
  • Maria Panteva
  • Shreyas Shas
  • Paul Smith

2013 Recipients

  • Qihan Gong
  • Li Gu
  • Gina Moriarty
  • Matthew Richers
  • Birju Shah
  • Yongliang Zhang

2012 Recipients

  • Mu Chen
  • Michael C. Haibach
  • Nisha Mittal
  • Rojita Sharma
  • Rafael da Silva
  • Haohan Wu

2012 Thomas Reid Fellow

  • Michael C. Haibach

2011 Recipients

  • Mingxin Chang
  • Fuguo Jiang
  • Mojgan Roushan
  • Junling Sun
  • David Y. Wang