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Physical Chemistry

Baum, Jean

Jean BaumDistinguished Professor

Research Synopsis: Structural studies of proteins by nuclear magnetic resonance techniques

Phone: (848) 445-5254 and (848) 445-5666


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Breslauer, Kenneth J.

breslauer02t2Linus C. Pauling Professor; Dean, Biological Sciences, and Vice President, Health Science Partnerships

Research Synopsis: Biopolymer structures and drug-nucleic acid interactions

Phone: (848) 445-3956


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Garfunkel, Eric

Garfinlab2010 290240Distinguished Professor

Research Synopsis: Nanoscience and technology, nanoelectronics, surface and interface science, materials for alternative energy, nanowires, catalysis, sensors, organic electronics, nanotoxicology

Phone: (848) 445-2747


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Hall, Gene

Benedetti Gene Hall v6Professor

Research Synopsis: Applied analytical chemistry, trace analysis of environmental and geological samples

Phone: (848) 445-2590


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Hayes, Robert

robert hayes sourceAssistant Professor

Research Synopsis: bulk and interfacial structure of ionic liquids using a combination of neutron diffraction + Monte Carlo simulations and atomic force microscopy experiments

Phone: (848) 445-8648


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Krogh-Jespersen, Karsten

krogh v1Professor Emeritus

Research Synopsis: Computational studies of molecular electronic structure

Phone: (848) 445-4241


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Nieuwkoop, Andrew Jon

Andrew Nieuwkoop Aug 2017 v1Assistant Professor

Research Synopsis: Magic angle spinning solid-state NMR of proteins and membranes.

Phone: (848) 445-2626


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Olson, Wilma K.

wko portrait v4Mary I. Bunting Professor of Chemistry

Research Synopsis: Theoretical studies of nucleic acid conformation, properties, and interactions

Phone: (848) 445-3993


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York, Darrin M.

Darrin eLearning v3Professor

Research Synopsis: The development and application of multi-scale quantum methods for simulations of biological reactions.

Phone: (848) 445-5199


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