Rhett Kempe

April 3, 2012 - 7:00am
Wright Rieman Auditorium

CCB Colloquium presentation by Dr. Rhett Kempe, University of Bayreuth.

Host: Kai Hultzsch

Talk Title:  "Some Progress in Metal-Metal Bonding"

Abstract: Chemical bonding is of fundamental interest and metal-metal bonding is receiving some attention in this regard. Two topics - polar metal-metal linkages and quintuple bonding - are discussed during the talk. First, recent progress in synthesising polar metal-metal bonds namely unsupported bonds between rare earth atoms (RE) and transition metals (TM) is discussed [1]. Special focus is directed towards the use of such bond formation methodologies to generate highly reactive RE-TM clusters [2] (Figure below left). Secondly, recent progress in quintuple bonding is discussed [3] with a special focus on synthesising compounds with ultra-short metal-metal bonds [4] and understanding quintuple bonds by their reactivity [5] (Figure below right).

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