Jane Hinch's Research Activities Page.

Our research focuses on ultra high vacuum studies of surfaces and their interactions with adsorbates and on solid-liquid interfaces. Interaction characterization is performed by appling a wide range of complementary techniques. This site is organized primarily by technique. Each section samples some of our more recent results and current research interests. In these pages, we aim only to give a feel of the on going investigations in this laboratory, the equipment involved, and motivations for the research.


This research can be separated into four main areas:

Helium Atom Scattering,
Scanning Tunneling Microscopy ,

Contactless Surface Conductance Measurements
X-ray Scattering from Solid-Liquid Interfaces ,


This research is performed in the

Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology (CCB)

in conjunction with the

Laboratory for Surface Modification   


Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey.


Higher resolution images of most figures are available by clicking on the figure.


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