Registration Problems

Pre-requisite Overrides

A student needs a pre-requisite override when the course is open but a student does not have or does not seem to have all pre-requisites. If the student does not have the pre-requisites, then it is up to the instructor of the course to approve admission. If the student does not seem to have all the pre-requisites, but does in fact have them, we will check the student’s transcript and act accordingly. This situation usually arises when students transfer into Rutgers, and our registration system does not recognize the equivalence of a transferred course to one of our own.

Special Permission Numbers (SPNs)

A student needs a special permission number when a course appears to be closed. Courses can be closed for several reasons:

  • No space: The classroom or laboratory is full. In this case, regulations from the fire department rule. We will put your name on a waiting list, with priority given to students who need the course for a timely graduation.
  • Invitation only: Please refer to the instructor for approval.
  • Special permission: Independent Study and Honors Research, for example, require an approved application before registration can occur.

For more information regarding registration and closed courses, please speak to Ola Elshorafa.