Alan GoldmanAlan Goldman

"Recently, we've been working on catalysts that can lead to more environmentally-friendly diesel fuel from natural gas, coal, or plant by-products. The organometallic molecules we study can potentially catalyze a huge range of new routes to everything from fuels to pharmaceuticals, plastics or fertilizers; with access to new and improved facilities, there's no limit to where these efforts may lead."

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Ki Bum LeeKi-Bum Lee

"Work in my lab focuses on modulating intercellular interactions in cancer and stem cells using nanotechnology and checmical biology.  Access to state-of-the-art research facilities is critical to maintaining our competitive edge and advancing our research agenda."

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Jing LiJing Li

"Our world is in desperate need of clean and renewable energy solutions; and my group is dedicated to identifying and characterizing the chemicals that will provide the foundations for those solutions. I can't express how thrilled I am to be able to conduct our work in a building that embodies the principles of sustainability and environmental stewardship that underlie all of our efforts."

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