Dr. K.Y. Chen's Laboratory - Hypusine and eIF5A

eIF5A is an RNA Binding Protein

Is eIF5A an RNA binding protein?

Rna Binding

We also compared the binding of eIF-5A and Rev with the 251 nt RRE.

The binding of eIF-5A to 251 nt RRE depends on the presence of deoxyhypusine modification.

Binding to U6


We compared the binding of NS1 and eIf-5A with U6 snRNA.

eIF-5A(dh) binds to U6 but eIF-5A precursor does not.

SELEX search for eIF5A binding sequence


Binding of 6xHis-18K-hyp with random and post-SELEX RNA


Binding of 6xHis-18K-hyp with post-SELEX RNA, U6 RNA, and RRE RNA


The hypusine residue is required for eIF-5A-RNA binding.


The 11 Post-SELEX RNAs share consensus sequence