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Professor Jack Norton, Columbia University
Thursday, February 22, 2024, 11:00am

Jack NortonApplications of H• Transfer from H2

 Transition-metal hydride complexes with M–H bonds stronger than 56 kcal mol–1 can often be generated from hydrogen, and may thus be able to catalyze the transfer of H• from that gas. For example, the hydrosilation of CF3-substituted olefins to 1,1-difluorinated C=C can be catalyzed; the reduction of Ti(IV) by H2 to Ti(III) can be catalyzed, and the radicals that result from Ti(III) epoxide opening thus cyclized onto enones. Hydrides with unusually weak M–H bonds, such as HV(CO)4(dppe), can carry out stoichiometric cyclizations of enamines that contain a remote C=C, converting them to pyrrolidines. A mixed iron/chromium catalyst can desaturate dioxazolones, producing unsaturated amides. 

Hosted by Professor Kate Waldie

~Coffee/tea will be served prior to the lecture~

Location CCB-3217