Team Award Chemistry 2The team comprises Julia Colvin, associate director for academic operations, Ola Elshorafa, senior program coordinator for the undergraduate program, and Kelly Martini-Hazard, senior program coordinator for the graduate program. The CCB academic team has consistently demonstrated excellence in service, exhibited initiative and creativity, fostered positive relationships, and upheld the values of SAS. The team has shown unparalleled dedication to serving the needs of students and those of the faculty and staff who work with students. As students return to campus, the team has ensured they are greeted with smiling faces and a welcoming department. They make sure that there is always someone available in person for students who come in with questions and have additionally set up remote office hours so students can take advantage of personalized advice and guidance without having to make an extra trip to campus. Their dedication and flexibility mean that students in both the undergraduate program and graduate program, as well as students who are just taking chemistry courses, know that there will always be someone to answer their questions. With the challenges of new systems and procedures, the team has risen to the challenge while ensuring that the student experience is unaffected. They also ensure students are recognized for their successes, organizing recognition events for both programs each year. They go above and beyond to ensure that these are meaningful celebrations where students can celebrate with their families, friends, and fellow students. During the recognition events, the volume and duration of the applause from the audience filled with CCB students make it clear that they are thanking the CCB Academic Team for all of the support they provided to the students throughout the year.

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