The High Field NMR Facility houses a dedicated solids spectrometer with a 14.1 T magnet (600 MHz 1H Larmor frequency) on which we have 75% usage and an 18.8 T magnet (800 MHz 1H Larmor frequency) on which we have 25% usage. Each instrument is equipped with a BCU-II cooler for VT control.

The 600 MHz spectrometer is equipped with a PhoenixNMR triple resonance (1H/19F, X, Y and lock) variable-tuning 1.6 mm rotor diameter 8-40 kHz MAS (magic angle spinning) probe. Weor the 800, we have a Bruker 0.7 mm rotor diameter dedicated 1H, 13C, 15N triple resonance probe with MAS capabilities of 40-111 kHz.