Advisory Board

gillespie 2e6b6Paul Gillespie

External Drug Discovery Director


Paul Gillespie, PhD has been the External Drug Discovery Director at Roche Innovation Center New York since 2014.  He began his career as a senior scientist at Hoffmann-La Roche in 1992, where he worked on medicinal chemistry projects in the area of inflammation. He served on the Nutley Chemistry Management team from 1999 until 2012.

During this time, Paul served in various local and global leadership roles. He led the Nutley hit-to-lead group from 1999-2010 and was a member of the Research Patent Advisory Committee from 2008-2013 (chair 2011-2013). He joined the Chemistry Informatics Coordination Team from 2000-2009 (chair 2005-2007) and the Global Library Workgroup from 2000-2010. He was a member of Global Chemistry Outsourcing Team and Head of Nutley Medicinal Chemistry Outsourcing from 2009-2010.

Paul received his PhD in heterocyclic chemistry from Princeton University in 1991. He went on to be a post-doctoral fellow in the lab of Peter Dervan at the California Institute of Technology before beginning his career.

He is the co-inventor of 40 patent applications, including 26 issued US patents and his current focus is on due diligence academic collaborations.