Faculty Research

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  • Kenneth J. Breslauer
  • Linus C. Pauling Distinguished University Professor
  • Research Synopsis: Enabled by an outstanding group of colleagues, Breslauer’s Lab pursues several interrelated biophysical research programs. Collectively, these programs focus on characterizing the intra- and intermolecular forces that modulate the regulation and dysregulation of biological processes crucial to human health. Deciphering this language used in molecular communications is essential for the rational deign of diagnostic and therapeutic protocols.
  • kjbdna@rutgers.edu
  • Phone: (848) 445-3956

Research Summary

The research conducted in my laboratory combines both biophysical and bioorganic chemistry to investigate the following four interrelated programs of research.

DNA Stability and Flexibilty: A Thermodynamic Study (NIH GM)

Thermodynamic characterization of the molecular forces that dictate and control the sequence-dependent structure and conformational transitions of nucleic acid molecules. Characterization of the influence of structural modifications (e.g. Wobble base pairs, bulge loops, mismatches etc.), salt, and drug binding on the helix-to-coil and helix-to-helix transitions of DNA molecules. Use of these data to construct comprehensive phase diagrams for DNA polymorphism so that under a given set of solution conditions and ligand binding DNA secondary structures can be predicted from primary sequence data. Thermodynamic characterization of higher-order DNA structures such as triplexes and tetraplexes. Evaluating the relative binding affinity and specificity of third strand oligomers to target DNA duplex domains, as a function of base sequence and solution conditions. Use of such information to rationally design sequences and to tune solution conditions to modulate biochemical events and to develop diagnostic protocols.

Drug-DNA Interactions: The Thermodynamics of Molecular Recognition (NIH GM)

Elucidation of the molecular recognition patterns and characterization of the driving forces that give rise to the binding affinities and sequence/conformational preferences exhibited by DNA binding ligands. Defining the relative contributions of van der Waals contacts, hydrogen bonding, electrostatics, etc. to the binding affinities and specificities of DNA-directed ligands. Correlating specific drug structural features with their DNA binding affinities and specificities. Synergism in DNA drug binding studies. Using the information gained from these studies, drug analogues can be designed rationally which should exhibit altered binding properties and perhaps desired biological functions.

The Chemistry and Biology of Mutagenic DNA Lesions and Repair Intermediates: The Relationship of DNA Structure and Binding Properties to Biological Function (NIH CA)

Characterizations of the impacts of mutagenic lesions and repair intermediates on the structure, stability, and conformation of DNA duplexes. The goal of these studies is to evaluate if the lesion-induced alterations in duplex properties are consistent with or can be used to define biological mechanisms of repair and/or of mutagenesis. A logical extension of these studies, which we currently are pursuing, involves the design and testing of drugs that selectively target DNA sites which contain mutagenic lesions.

Development of Topoisomerase I-Directed Anticancer Drugs (Cancer Institute of New Jersey)

The ultimate goal of this program is to develop a series of bis- (BBD) and trisbenzimidazole (TBD) derivatives that can serve as effective anticancer, chemotherapeutic agents via their action as topoisomerase I poisons. To this end, we are characterizing the properties of these drugs when free in solution and upon binding to duplex DNA, and attempting to discern empirical correlations between specific physiochemical observables [e.g. binding mode(s), binding energetics, binding site size, etc.] and the expression of cell transport, cytotoxicity, and anti-topoisomerase activities. Such empirical correlations will serve to direct the design and synthesis of new compounds with predictably altered properties.

Breslauer Group Publications

2022 | Liu, AYC, Minetti, CA, Remeta DP, Breslauer, KJ, Chen, KY, Aging, and Neurodegeneration. In: Heat Shock Factors (Alexzander Asea and Punit Kaur, editors), Elsevier/Nature, (In Press)

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2020 | Klump HH, Völker J, Breslauer KJ. Energy mapping of the genetic code and genomic domains: implications for code evolution and molecular Darwinism. Quarterly Reviews of Biophysics. PMID 33143792 DOI: 10.1017/S0033583520000098

2020 | Völker J, Plum GE, Breslauer KJ. Heat Capacity Changes (ΔCp) for Interconversions Between Differentially-Ordered DNA States within Physiological Temperature Domains: Implications for Biological Regulatory Switches. The Journal of Physical Chemistry. B. PMID 32531155  DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpcb.0c04065

2019 | Völker J, Plum GE, Gindikin V, Breslauer KJ. Dynamic DNA Energy Landscapes and Substrate Complexity in Triplet Repeat Expansion and DNA Repair. Biomolecules. PMID 31698848 DOI: 10.3390/biom9110709

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