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  • Zheng Shi
  • Assistant Professor
  • Research Synopsis: our group combines biophysical chemistry, molecular biology, and microscopy techniques to tackle interesting questions involving the coupling of physics to biochemistry in cells.
  • zheng.shi@rutgers.edu
  • Phone: (848) 445-3246




The Shi lab combines biophysical, photochemical, and optogenetic tools to study the properties of cell membranes and other biomolecular assemblies. We aim to understand the mechanical behavior of cell membranes and how the mechanics of cell membranes interact with downstream biochemical signaling pathways. We also develop quantitative techniques and theoretical models to understand the material properties of membranes and biomolecular condensates. We are currently looking for motivated students and postdocs: 1) to study the material properties biomolecular condensates that are relevant to neurodegeneration; 2) to investigate how local mechanical and geometrical cues on the cell membrane affect the behavior of membrane proteins; 3) to understand how interactions with either cytoskeleton or extracellular matrix affect the dynamics of cell membranes. Contact us for more details!


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