Prof. Ki-Bum Lee and his team ( in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Rutgers University reported the development of a dynamic laser interference lithography (DIL) to generate large-scale combinatorial biophysical cue (CBC) arrays with diverse micro/nano-structures at higher complexities than most current arrays. A high-throughput cell mapping method using CBC arrays is also demonstrated to comprehensively examine biophysical cue-mediated direct cell reprogramming. This high throughput cell screening strategy based on CBC arrays enables the quick identification of novel hierarchical nanopatterns that stimulate direct reprogramming of human fibroblasts into neurons via epigenetic modification pathways. As a result, the scientists successfully showed DIL for the generation of very complex CBC arrays, establishing CBC array-based cell screening as a valuable technique for comprehensively exploring the role of biophysical cues in cell reprogramming.

PUBLICATION: This work was recently published in ACS Nano.
Yang, L.; Conley, B. M.; Rathnam, C.; Cho, H.-Y.; Pongkulapa, T.; Conklin, B.; Lee, K.-B., Predictive Biophysical Cue Mapping for Direct Cell Reprogramming Using Combinatorial Nanoarrays. ACS Nano 2022. DOI: 10.1021/acsnano.1c10344.

CORRESPONDENCE: Prof. Ki-Bum Lee (Rutgers University),

KBLEE Group Team: Dr. Letao Yang, Brian Conley, Dr. Thanapat Pongkulapa, and Brandon Conklin,


Group Members

Ki Bum Lee Ph 
       Professor KiBum Lee

Letao Yang
             Dr. Letao Yang

Brian Connely                 
            Brian M. Conley

Thanapat Pongkulapa
      Dr. Thanapat Pongkulapa

 Brandon Conklin     
             Brandon Conklin