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Kissin, Yury

shapeimage 2Visiting Scientist

Yury Kissin (born in 1937) received his degree in Polymer Chemistry in 1965 at Institute of Chemical Physics in Moscow investigating α-olefin polymerization reactions with heterogeneous Ziegler-Natta catalysts. From 1960 until 1977 he worked in Institute of Chemical Physics studying kinetics of polymerization reactions of ethylene, propylene and higher α-olefins and the structure of polyolefins and catalysts by IR. He immigrated to USA in 1979 and worked as Research Associate at Gulf Research and Development Company in Pittsburgh, PA (1980-1985), at Edison Research Center of Mobil Chemical Company in NJ (1985-2000), and at Engelhard/BASF Research Center in Iselin, NJ (2004-2008). His main research subjects were synthesis of Ziegler-Natta catalysts, kinetics of polymerization and oligomerization reactions, and spectroscopic studies of polymerization catalysts. Since 2000 he is a Visiting Scientist at Department of Chemistry of Rutgers University, NJ, where he studies kinetics of olefin polymerization reactions with Ziegler-Natta and late-period transition metal catalysts. He authored three books (Isospecific Polymerization of Olefins, Springer, 1985; Polymers and Copolymers of Higher α-Olefins, Hanser, 1997; Alkene Polymerization Reactions with Transition Metal Catalysts, Elsevier, 2008), twenty articles in chemical and polymer encyclopedias, ~210 scientific articles, and over 60 patents in the fields of synthesis of Ziegler-Natta and metallocene catalysts.

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