Admin Policies and Procedures

Please print out a copy of any form below and give it to the respective office designated on the form.

New Employee Procedures

  1. Type 4 Casual Staff ID Card Application

Property and Equipment Procedures

  1. Inventory Control Procedures for Computer Equipment
  2. Inventory Control Procedures for Non-Computing Equipment
    1. Property Management Sign-Out Form for Equipment Removed from University Premises
    2. Property Management Equipment Transfer Form
    3. Material Services Disposal Request Form
  3. Section:6.1.15 of University Regulations manual

Purchasing Procedures

  1. Stockroom Purchases:
    1. General Information and Procedure for all Customers
    2. Product Price List
  2. RU Marketplace Procedures:
    1. Faculty Procedure
    2. Requisition Form
    3. Computer Form
    4. Contracted Suppliers - Research Scientific Equipment, Supplies, & Services
  3. Travel Authorization Business Expense Report (TABER) Form
  4. Nitric Acid Purchases

Employee Separation Procedures

All employees must complete FORM A. International employees, students and visiting scholars must also complete FORM B.

  1. Departure Form
  2. International Departure Form