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Solution deposited films


Cartoons and TEMWe are members of the Oregon based Center for Sustainability Materials Chemistry (CSMC). This Center explores new solution-based methods for producing very high-quality inorganic thin films for next-generation devices. One project we work on within the Center is to produce high sensitivity inorganic resists for lithography, starting from solution phase clusters. HafSOx [=HfO2–x(SO4)x] is one promising inorganic resist candidate for extreme UV photolithography. Both surface and thin film characterization has been performed to help better understand the growth, patterning and processing mechanisms. We employ a powerful range of tools for characterization.


Feixiang Luo Mengjun Li 0
Group Leader: Feixiang Luo Group Leader: Mengjun Li


Collaborators: Center for Sustainable Materials Chemistry, Prof. Torgny Gustafsson