Eric Garfunkel - Research

Ionic liquid interfaces

Im NTf

Ionic liquids (ILs) are intrinsic electrolytes with negligible vapor pressure, controllable electrical and ionic conductivity, and high stability. This project involves developing an atomic and molecular understanding of the solid/ionic liquid interface.

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New materials for nanoelectronics

We have worked on fundamental science of nanoelectronic materials, including high-K gate dielectrics, for two decades. Early work concentrated on Si, Ge and III-V channel materials, while recently we have focused on SiC, a promising semiconductor material for high-power, high-temperature applications. In SiC, we study the mechanism of nitridation and phosphidation as both N and P are found to significant lower the critical defect concentration that arises at the interface between SiO2 and SiC, resulting in a much higher mobility. Other device-related projects have involved ZnO, III-Vs, Ge, nanowires and Topological Insulators, and other oxides.

Collaborators: Profs. L. Feldman, T. Gustafsson

Carbon/organic based materials and devices

We have several projects that involve carbon/organic based materials in electronics, photonics and other energy related applications. In most cases we focus on interface issues that are central in determining overall properties of the system. One project involves developing an understanding if the surface and interfaces of crystalline organics such as rubrene, a high mobility organic. We have several projects involving graphene including its exfoliation and functionalization, both essential in many applications. Another project has involved using polymers and polymer/inorganic hybrid materials for photovoltaic applications.

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Instrumental development for nanoscale materials analysis


Rutgers has a strong team involved in instrument development, especially involving ion scattering and microscopy.

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Other projects

  • Band alignment and electric field gradient metrology in dielectrics – Malathi Kalyanikar
  • Atomic Layer Deposition – Slava Manichev
  • Biological interfaces, nanotoxicity and sensors
  • Other Rutgers collaborators: Sylvie Rangan, KiBum Lee, Y. Lu, P. Falkowski