AG Pic 2020 1

February 2020 -- Left to right around the table: Zhujian, Penny, Elizabeth, Rachel, Teddy, Sarah, Viktor, Belvin, Chaoyun, Oscar (visiting), Maicely, Meng and (not photographed: Tao and Durga) [February 2020.

AG Pic 202 2

February 2020 -- Left to right around the table: Sarah, Chaoyun, Belvin, Oscar (vising), Viktor, Maicely Teddy, meng, Zhujian, Penny, Elizabeth, Rachel and (Not photographed: Tao and Durga) [2020]


AG Pic 2017

Summer 2017 -- Having group bbq at a park after a long day and work.


IMG 0957 asefa group October 1

 (2015-2016) -- Front Left to Right: Tao, Teddy, Anjani, Yue, Sreenivas, Jianping, Xiaoxi, Viktor, Elizangela, Vanessa, Katherine, Heveline, and Rafael (2015-2016)

AG 2014

2014 -- Font Row (From L to R): Chi-han, Ahmed, Tao, Katherine, Jay
Back Row (From L to R): Marina, Xiaoxi, Teddy, Ananda, Yuying, Viral
[not in Picture: Apoorva (the photographer)] (2014).

AG Pic 2012

2014 -- Font Row (From L to R): Xiaoxi, Bhaskar, Zhimin, Sayantani, Ci-han, Vitor
Back Row (From L to R): Ananda, Teddy, Xiaoxi, Rafael.

Asefa Group 2016 2017



Principal Investigator

prof tewodros asefaProf. Tewodros Asefa (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Ph.D. (2002), University of Toronto




Post-Doctoral Fellows


Dr. Chaoyun Tang

CT Pic

Research Projects: Synthesis of 2D and multifunctional nanostructured materials for energy conversions and storage using rationally designed metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) as precursors.


Dr. Zhujian Huang

ZH Pic

Research Projects: Synthesis of novel layered double hydroxides (LDHs) and nanoporous materials for electrolysis and environmental remediation and extraction of emerging pollutants.



Graduate Students


Tao Zhang

TZ Pic

Research Projects: Development of multifunctional semiconducting nanocatalysts and photocatalysts for renewable energy applications.


Viktor Dubovoy

VD Pic 1

Research Project: Synthesis of multifunctional nanomaterials and organo-functionalized mesoporous materials for delivery of drugs and antibacterial agents.


Maricely Ramirez Hernandez


Research Project: Synthesis of hybrid nanomaterials for prevention of wound causing microbes and biofilms and development of wound dressings.


Belvin Thomas

 BT Pic

Research Project: Metallic and semiconducting nanostructured materials and heterojunctions for photocatalysis, renewable energy and environmental remediation.


Durga Sankar Vavilapalli

DS Pic

Research Project: Development of novel multiferroic and topological materials and investigation of their electrocatalytic properties for renewable energy systems and photocatalysts properties for environmental remediation.


Meng Liu

ML Pic 2

Research Project: Development of novel precious metal-free electrocatalysts and investigation of their electrochemical and electrocatalysis properties using state-of-the-art spectroscopy.


Undergraduate Students


Sarah Sonbati

SS Pic Fin

Research Project: Synthesis of polymer-functionalized nanostructured materials for chronic wound healing.


Rachel Ondricek

RO Pic

Research Project: Nanomaterials functionalized with metal Ions for skin wound treatment,


Elizabeth Defazio

ED Pic 5

Research Project: Development of organic-functionalized mesoporous metal oxides with antimicrobial agents for wound treatment.