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Ion Specific Effect on Gemini Surfactants


Effect of food emulsion properties on the distribution and activities of antioxidants

Investigating a possible phenyl nitrate formation using isotopic labeling techniques


Isotopically Labeled 2,4,6 Trimethyl Phenol is being characterized by using a mixture of H2O18/ H2O which is analyzed using

  • GC/MS sprectroscopy. Selective Ion Mass spectroscopy is being used along with Gas Chromatography to see isotopically labeled ions.
  • Distillation
  • Vaccuum Distillation

Image Citation: CSID:11464157, (accessed 19:47, Sep 21, 2012)

Effect of salt on CMC of SB3-14 (test by TA)


This research aims at investigating the effect of TMABr salt on the critical micelle concentration (CMC) of purified N-tetradecyl-N,N dimethylammonio-1-propanesulfonate (SB3-14) zwitterionic surfactant.

Proteins At Interfaces

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