Memorial Symposium

2015 Memorial Symposium

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Sixtieth Anniversary Huffman Award Celebration

An Honorary Symposium Recognizing the Pioneering Contributions of our Hugh M. Huffman Memorial Award Recipients

In recognition of our heritage and legacy, the Conference Organizing Committee is proud to announce that this year’s Keynote Event is the Sixtieth Anniversary Hugh M. Huffman Memorial Award Celebration. This honorary symposium recognizes our most distinguished Conference Award recipients for their pioneering and innovative contributions to the fields of calorimetry and chemical thermodynamics. The Calorimetry Conference initially convened a Golden Anniversary Hugh M. Huffman Memorial Award Celebration in 2005 and plans to commemorate this occasion every ten years as we complete each decade of service to the scientific community. We are pleased to confirm the participation of twelve former Hugh M. Huffman Memorial Award recipients who will present Plenary Lectures at The Seventieth Calorimetry Conference.

Symposium Co-Chairs:

  • Prof. Conceição A. Minetti, Rutgers University
  • Prof. David P. Remeta, Rutgers University

Confirmed Huffman Memorial Award Participants:

  • Prof. Ingemar Wadso (1974), University of Lund Lund Sweden
  • Prof. Reed Izatt (1983), Brigham Young University Provo, Utah USA
  • Prof. Rodney L. Biltonen (1989), University of Virginia Charlottesville, Virginia USA
  • Prof. Peter L. Privalov (1996), The Johns Hopkins University Baltimore, Maryland USA
  • Prof. Jean-Pierre Grolier (1997), Université Blaise Pascal Aubiere France
  • Prof. Alexandra Navrotsky (2000), University of California - Davis Davis, California USA
  • Prof. Emmerich Wilhelm (2002), Universität Wien Wien Austria
  • Prof. Takasuke Matsuo (2003), Osaka University Toyonaka, Osaka Japan
  • Dr. Michael Frenkel (2005), National Institute Standards & Technology Boulder, Colorado USA
  • Prof. M. Thomas Record (2009), University of Wisconsin Madison, Wisconsin USA
  • Prof. Maria D.M.C. Ribeiro da Silva, University of Porto Porto Portugal