tasefa01Developing Novel Multifunctional  Nanomaterials, and Investigating their Catalytic Properties and Applications:

  • Multifunctional Nanocatalysts and Heterogeneous Nanocatalysis
  • Nanoporous Catalysts, Biocatalysts, and Biotransformations
  • New Synthetic Methods to Novel Shaped Nanomaterials and their catalytic activities

tasefa02Asefa’s lab develops new synthetic methods to efficient and recyclable heterogeneous nanoporous and nanostructured catalysts for various one step and multi-step tandem catalytic transformations. These new catalysts are very effective in chemical transformations and can be reused numerous times. Recently, the group developed methods to some of the most efficient and selective nanoporous catalyst for base catalyzed reactions such the Henry and aldol condensation reactions. This catalyst significantly improves the yield of the Henry reaction and selectively produces nitro alcohol or nitrostyrene product. Such catalysts are expected to find application in pharmaceuticals and commodity chemicals.