• Roger Jones
  • Distinguished Professor Emeritus
  • Research Synopsis: Modified/labeled DNA fragments: synthesis and characterization




  • B.S. 1969, Delaware
  • Ph.D. 1974, Alberta

Awards & Honors

  • American Cancer Society Faculty Research Award, 1986-1991
  • Johnson & Johnson Discovery Award, 1991-1993
  • Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science

Research Summary

My research interests are in nucleic acid synthetic chemistry, including both nucleosides and nucleic acid fragments. This work is focused on molecules of biological importance, including specific 13C and/or 15N labeled DNA and RNA fragments, and those with thioalkyl tethers for crosslinking with proteins. In addition, we developed the first synthesis of cyclic dinucleotides and are currently working on the bacterial signaling molecule c-di-GMP and the metazoan signaling molecule c[G(2',5')pA(3',5')p].


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