• Leslie Jimenez
  • Associate Professor
  • Research Synopsis: Synthesis and characterization of analogues of antitumor antibiotics and coenzymes
  • Phone: (848) 445-0641



Research Summary

My research interests are in natural products synthesis and the development of new synthetic methodology.

Total synthesis of antitumor natural products and their analogs

jimenez02We are working on the total synthesis of the natural products, FR900482 and mitomycin C. These compounds are of interest to medicinal chemists because of their potent antitumor properties. We also synthesize analogs of these molecules to probe their biological mechanisms in an effort to develop a better understanding of the mode of action of these compounds.


Photosensitive azobenzene crown ethers

jimenez03We are also investigating the synthesis and properties of photosensitive azobenzene crown ethers. The (Z) isomer of these crown ethers should bind alkali metal ions, whereas the (E) isomer, which lacks a cavity, will be unable to do so. The conversion of a crown ether "molecular switch" between binding and nonbinding conformations may have important applications in transport processes.



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