• Spencer Knapp
  • Professor
  • Research Synopsis: Total synthesis of natural products and the development of new synthetic methods
  • Phone: (848) 445-2627



Research Summary

My research interests are in synthetic organic chemistry, including the development of new synthetic methods and the synthesis of natural products. Over the last 45 (https://research.rutgers.edu/news/rutgers-chemist-named-2022-american-chemical-society-fellow) years we have developed methods for the stereoselective functionalization of alkenes, the construction of a variety of nitrogen and sulfur containing heterocycles, and the selective synthesis and transformation of carbohydrates and nucleosides. Methods for the oxido-accelerated retro-Diels-Alder reaction, "iodolactamization", carboxylate selenonation, and the N-benzoylcarbamate and carbonimidothioate cyclizations were developed in these labs. We have applied this chemistry to the synthesis of approximately 20 natural products, including slaframine, tetrahydropseudodistomin, capuramycin, trehazolin, conduritol A, rosmariquinone, the shimofuridin nucleoside disaccharide, the protein kinase C inhibitor penazetadine, the ezomycin nucleoside disaccharide, the sialidase inhibitor siastatin B, the adenosine phosphodiesterase inhibitor griseolic acid B, the liposidomycin diazepanone nucleoside, and the M. tuberculosis detoxifier mycothiol. In other work, we have built and characterized porphyrin and chlorin dimers to help understand the structure and photophysics of the bacterial and plant photosystems, have investigated new syntheses, transformations, mechanisms, and applications of thioglycosides and seleninates, and have designed novel glycosidase inhibitors as a means to elucidate enzyme function and mechanism.

Current Work

SKnapp current workWe are pursuing the discovery, optimization, and efficient synthesis of new antimalarial agents (https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT04709692) and anti-inflammatories (https://research.rutgers.edu/news/small-molecule-mif-inhibitors-treatment-inflammatory-bowel-disease-0), as well as new methods for drug delivery, drug-likeness improvements, and controlled release.



Recent Publications

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